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About us

The owl cleaning service arose from the need of the local market to provide cleaning services with quality, always with a gap the most , be used in their products or materials.

We seek to include in our human body , experience , confidence and skills that are periodically assessed, beyond the security of standard demanded by the market .

Products and utlizados equipment for cleaning are of great quality , with option for biodegradable products and cooperating to the environment.

Periodically our services are valued by many customers as by local companies . This feedback is important to search for a service delivery that suit all tastes.

With this experience and dedication , we hope to further grow our range of customers at the same time satisfy them fairly and knew , as well as the vision and wisdom of the owl.

Services Owl

Our full line of services offered to you and your business

  • Products / Company materials
  • Product / client materials
  • Biodegradable products
  • General Cleaning Services
  • Pictures, Mirror, Glass Washed – only inside the house
  • Furniture, Knick-Knacks Polished
  • Electronics, Lamp and Lampshade Dusted
  • Inside of Sofas Whisked, Outside of Fireplace Dusted
  • General Cleaning Services
  • Pictures, Mirrors, Glass Washed – only inside the house
  • Furniture, Knick-Knacks Polished
  • Electronics, Lamp and Lampshade Dusted
  • Bed Linens Straightened
  • Under Bed Vacuumed
  • Clean all glass (mirrors, picture frames, etc).
  • Empty trash, replace bag.
  • General Cleaning Services
  • Kitchen Counters, Backsplash Disinfected
  • Kitchen Sink Scoured, Scrubbed, Disinfected
  • Front/Top of Fridge, Front of Cabinets Washed
  • Front of Appliances, In/Out of Microwave Washed
  • Window Above Sink Washed/Dusted
  • Stove/Range/Vent/Knobs Washed
  • Table/Chairs Disinfected
  • Stainless Steel Polished
  • Glass Doors Washed
  • General Cleaning Services
  • Shower Walls, Doors, Tub Scrubbed, Rinsed
  • Counters, Backsplash, Cabinets Disinfected
  • Inside/Outside/Behind Toilet Disinfected
  • Toothbrush Holder, Soap Dish Disinfected
  • All Fixtures Washed, Mildew Scrubbed
  • Towels Straightened, Changed
  • Mirrors Washed
  • General Cleaning Services
  • General Cleaning Services

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